Victim Link Grant Application


Victim Link Grants enable law enforcement and victim advocacy agencies to receive a free, one (1) year subscription (or renewal) to Victim Link. At the end of the 1-year period, agencies will be responsible for assuming the cost of subscription renewal. However, work is underway to secure additional grant funding.

For subscription pricing, please see:

Eligible Agencies

Victim Link Grants are available for:

  • Local law enforcement agencies with an established Originating Agency Identification (ORI) number. This includes city, county, state, tribal, military, and campus agencies.
  • Victim advocacy organizations (including campus or military services)

Because victims are better served with coordinated resources, applicants should be prepared to partner with their counterpart (law enforcement, victim advocacy). Priority will be given to organizations that apply jointly within the same jurisdiction or area.

Colleges or Universities

Campus police or public safety departments are eligible to apply for a Victim Link Grant if they have an ORI number, or if they partner in this grant opportunity with a city or county law enforcement agency that has one.

Priority will be given to applications that reflect multi-agency coordination between law enforcement and/or victim advocacy agencies, both on- or off-campus. Applications should also include the campus Title IX office.

Want a Grant for Your Community?

Use our portal to provide basic information about your community. Even if you are not affiliated with a law enforcement or victim advocacy agency we can follow up with you, to determine if your local services might be eligible for this valuable grant opportunity.