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Enhancing transparency in sexual assault cases

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Transparency. Accountability. Professionalism.

The nation demands better handling of sexual assault cases. But it can be hard to know how to create change within your agency.


Victim Link

Groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes sexual assault reporting and connects victims with community resources. Brought to you by End Violence Against Women International and Ten8Tech.

No-cost subscriptions available for eligible agencies made possible through funding awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime.

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A New Approach To Encourage Reporting

The Victim Link agency portal works in partnership with the new public-facing site - Seek Then Speak. Together, they break down traditional barriers of shame and fear, so victims can gather information, explore options, and take action through gradual dialogue on a new multi-channel platform (web, phone, or mobile).

Layer Transparency Into Your Response To Sexual Assault

Victim Link puts your agency in direct contact with victims who are reaching out for information and help. Information is accurate and up-to-date, and accountability is built into the system, ensuring your agency provides victims the support they need.

Online Training To Improve Responses

Our partnership with the nationally respected training organization End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) connects you to a broad array of training, resources, and tips on how to successfully investigate sexual assault and respond to victims. The EVAWI Online Training Institute offers the opportunity for interested professionals to expand their knowledge of cutting-edge developments in the criminal justice and community response to sexual assault, with particular emphasis on those crimes committed by someone who is known to the victim ( i.e., non-strangers).

Nationally Respected Training Meets Up-to-the-Minute Technology

Developed in collaboration between Ten8Tech, a trusted tech-partner to law enforcement, and End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI), America's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving criminal justice responses to sexual assault.

Created in strict accordance with the sexual assault response and investigation best practices approved by EVAWI.

How It Works

Victim Connects with Seek Then Speak and Chooses a Platform

Victims can choose a voice, mobile, web, or text platform that best suits their needs.

Supportive, Guided Conversation About Reporting, Recovery, and Resources

Victims begin a gradual and supportive dialogue with Seek Then Speak’s intelligent engine to help them understand what’s happened to them and explore their options.

Victim Chooses to Begin Reporting and/or Access Community Resources

When victims feel ready, they can begin the reporting process by connecting directly with law enforcement. Or they can contact a victim advocacy organization for support. All of this happens in the reassuring environment of Seek Then Speak.

Notification Triggered via Victim Link to Law Enforcement and/or Victim Advocacy

When a victim chooses to seek assistance, notification is triggered through Victim Link to alert law enforcement and/or victim advocacy via phone call, text message or email.

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Law Enforcement and Victim Advocacy Review Each Report

Agency subscribers log into Victim Link, a secure web portal, to review the victim's report. This enables your agency to determine next steps for serving victim needs.

Victim Link Closes the Gap Between Victims and the Help They Need

Responding agencies connect directly with victims, to continue the reporting process, provide supportive services, and facilitate recovery.

A Wide Range of Subscription Features


Transparency for your agency's response to victim contacts.


Configurable real-time notifications.


Dashboard view all victim contacts displays.


Victims control the privacy of their personal information until they choose to share it with law enforcement and/or victim advocacy.


Public-facing Seek Then Speak portal offers multi-lingual voice reporting, text reporting, and mobile apps that are free.


Collaboration with End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) and the Start by Believing campaign, to ensure nationally respected best practices.


Public awareness tools, to educate victims and their loved ones about sexual assault response, recovery, and resources such as Seek Then Speak.


Enable Victim Link with Seek Then Speak for your community
Victim Advocacy Organization


monthly, billed annually
  • Provide victims accurate and up-to-date information about their options
  • Help victims access your agency’s services
  • Collect information so your agency can determine next steps
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monthly, billed annually
  • Provide a consistent response and message to the community
  • Connect directly with victims who are informed and initiating the reporting process
  • Collect information in response to digital investigation questions
  • Produce a clear report to expedite your agency’s action
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College Campus Police


monthly, billed annually
  • Secure Title IX public safety credits
  • Respond to the national demand for transparency on campuses
  • Empower victims on campus to safely report and access services
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Subscription FAQ's

What is the difference between Seek Then Speak and Victim Link?
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Seek Then Speak is a public-facing portal allowing anyone to gather information, explore their options, and connect with resources. When sexual assault victims decide to begin the reporting process, they are transferred directly to Victim Link, which is the subscription tool for victim advocacy organizations, law enforcement agencies, and college campuses. Once they are notified of a victim contact, agency personnel can use Victim Link to review the information and take appropriate action.

Does Victim Link comply with national best practices for sexual assault response?
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Yes. Victim Link and Seek Then Speak were both developed by Ten8Tech in collaboration with End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI), the nation’s premier training organization dedicated to improving criminal justice responses to gender-based violence. Each year, EVAWI provides training and technical assistance for tens of thousands of professionals. In 2015 alone, EVAWI saw more than 3.5 million page views on their website and provided 119,500 hours of training through live conferences, webinars, and the OnLine Training Institute (OLTI). The unique partnership between Ten8Tech and EVAWI provides the support needed to improve your agency’s response to sexual assault.

What is the connection between Victim Link and the Start by Believing Campaign?
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Start by Believing is EVAWI’s grassroots public awareness campaign, designed to change the way professionals and the public respond to disclosures of sexual assault. Combined with their training resources for professionals, EVAWI serves as a catalyst for cultural change in sexual assault responses. Victim Link raises this transformation to the next level by offering a public-facing portal called Seek Then Speak, where victims can gather accurate information, explore their options, and take action. This provides a personal technology bridge for victims to get the help they need and pursue the justice they deserve. Together, EVAWI and Ten8Tech are equipping communities with resources and support to empower victims of sexual assault to reach out and speak up.

Is our data secure within Victim Link’s cloud-based platform?
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Absolutely. Each of Ten8Tech’s platforms are built with encryption secure enough for secret-level security.

How is the pricing set for each agency interested in launching Victim Link?
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The annual pricing model is standardized and available for victim advocacy groups, municipal police departments and college campuses.

How long does it take to implement Victim Link in our community?
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Once an organization activates the Victim Link subscription, access is granted overnight. Upon first login, agency users are greeted with a guided tour of Victim Link highlights, key components and features. Since the platform is cloud-based, the Victim Link technology seamlessly integrates with existing law enforcement systems.